Randomise Vertex Position – [Maya]

So I found a great little script here that will randomise the vertex positions in all the axis depending on how much you want it to, check it out below! $mySelection = `ls- sl`; $myVerts = `getVerts`; // this command grabs all the vertices of selected objects and put into a string array for ($vert […]

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Find the colour at the closest point to a locator

So it’s a bit of an odd one, but I needed to be able to calculate the RGB value of the colour at certain points on the mesh, and at first this seemed a bit tricky, but using the cloestPointOnMesh node and the colorAtPoint command I was able to use a locator and easily connect […]

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Maya Curves

Here is a little script I found from here, that allows you to query the amount of points (or cv’s) on a curve, where curveShape1 is the name of the curve you have created. string $curve = "curveShape1"; int $numSpans = `getAttr ( $curve + ".spans" )`; int $degree   = `getAttr ( $curve + ".degree" […]

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